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April 25, 2009

April Horoscopes

April Horoscopes were published last month. sorry we neglected to post them here.

May Horoscopes


May Horoscopes

May Horoscopes are up at East Valley Living

Here is a sample:

Taurus Horoscope (April 21 – May 20) If you don’t make your money grow during your Solar Cycle you are using old worn out methods to insure that you have enough moola when it counts. Under the New Moon on April 24th make hay while you have such a powerful trend, but make sure that the Full Moon on May 9th doesn’t catch you being a little too greedy. You have the good flow from Saturn in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Whatever you do, don’t forget to tithe.

Gemini Horoscope (May 21 – June 20) You just got a whiff of what that Full Moon in Libra felt like on April 9th—whatever is not working in the relationship department you had better iron out disagreements rather than sweep anything under the proverbial rug. The benefits of the favorable winds from Jupiter in Aquarius is bolstering you for good mental health—go with what your gut and your head can agree on. And don’t forget that Mercury is going retrograde in Gemini. Be a bit more cautious about what you say that could come back to bite you.


February 28, 2009

March Horoscopes

March Horoscopes are up now.

January 21, 2009

February Horoscopes

February Horoscopes

Leo Horoscope (July 22 – August 22) If you Kings and Queens—lords and ladies of the manor born—are reading your horoscope be warned that those eclipses are aimed at you and Aquarius (and will also affect Taurus and Scorpio). Eclipses never leave you the same way you were before they reigned over you with just desserts. What lies ahead is a clean slate if you have done your part to make starting over possible. We are not talking moola here as much as we are a change of attitude—you know, humble rather than grand; seeing what someone needs and meeting it instead of holding your hands out to see who will drop a bonus on you.

February Horoscopes

Virgo Horoscope (August 23 – September 22) With Saturn, the Lord of Karma, retrograde in your sign you will feel as if the storm had lifted or the stern taskmaster had left the building with Elvis. Don’t forget that unpredictable and lightning-bolted Uranus will be snapping at your heels to throw you off balance just when you thought you understood the rules of the game. After Saturn is through with you around October 20 when the Lord of Karma planet moves into Libra, you will be kinder, softer, and gentler and your Emily Post manners will open the doors to all social occasions. Saturn does change you indelibly for the rest of your life.

February Horoscopes

February Horoscopes

Gemini Horoscope (May 21 – June 20) You Twin Brothers or Sisters have been locked and loaded throughout this bitter winter, so it may be time to go hunting with your sling-shot or pea-shooter instead. (Your war has always been within). What are you looking for: anything that can tickle your fancy or make you happier than a pig in mud? Jupiter in Aquarius has aligned with you who love to go where the buffalos roam—or go anywhere that your excited inner child can dream of. Your financials are in better shape, albeit a portfolio that still has holes in it from the nightmare of 2008, but you are headed in the right direction. Don’t forget to thank your Maker for the good times that are just around the corner.

Cancer Horoscope (June 21 – July 22) After that Full Moon at 22 degrees of Cancer on January 10 everyone in the house is going to look to you to balance the family ledger. It would take Rip Van Winkle waking up the day before yesterday not to know that it is time to start paying off rather than incurring more debt. For Cancers this is the time to begin to turn red ink to black by drawing up a budget that everyone can stick to. And if anyone tells you it is time to sell the house, tell them to back off. You are not on quite the slippery slope you might think. What you do today and tomorrow and for a lot of days adds up to a brighter, cleaner credit score down the line.

February Horoscopes

February Horoscopes

Aries Horoscope (March 21 – April 20) Some of you have complained that you feel that you’ve been buried alive and don’t know what to do with all that inertia. Get out your entrepreneurial blueprints and get ready for a better year with the power position to Jupiter in Aquarius. It was never that you could not win with your dog and pony show, but you have got to have a dream that has reality laced into the proposal. The world is done with smoke and mirrors. Perform with truth and you will be back in the game.

Taurus Horoscope (April 21 – May 20) Although you still have the “win-win” association with Saturn in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, which will shine favorably for the next umpteen years, you better not be blind-sided by the harsh aspect of Jupiter in Aquarius. The Jupiter Affect can cause you to promise more than you can deliver, and if your usual fiscal responsible self isn’t careful, you can ante when you should have stayed out of the game. If I were you, I would sit it out for another month and then get back into the hunt when the Sun goes into Pisces late February.

February Horoscopes

February Horoscope

Sagittarius Horoscope (November 22 – December 20) Jupiter, your ruling planet, is now in a Sign very compatible with you. It may be time for you rambling roses and tumbling tumbleweeds to stay put, catch up your mortgage or back rent and put down roots. The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius and Lunar Eclipse Full Moon are going to kick off the best year you’ll have in a long time, but you have to decide what you want out of life and make it happen. You are known to be famous for pulling up stakes just when it looks like you might be building a good future.
Pray and meditate a lot more this month and start back with the daily journal. It will amaze you how much better ideas are on paper than in your head.

Capricorn Horoscope (December 21 – January 19) “Brick by brick and stone by stone” should be written on your grave marker when you kick the bucket because that is how you are going to build the house that only a Capricorn can. Saturn in Virgo is giving you all the celestial support a body needs as well as being the one sign in the Zodiac that can keep his own wise counsel in the harshest of times. Whether you are the Mom or Pop, or one of the kids in the clan, just keep doing what you do best: persevere and change the things you can. Neither beauty contests nor brawn bravado is your thing. You were not assigned the Goat in your heavenly constellation for nothing.

February Horoscopes

February Horoscopes

Libra Horoscope (September 23 – October 22) You might qualify to join President Obama’s Supreme Court with all the fabulous transits that are showering you with blessings from on high. With Jupiter (expansion and bounty) and Neptune (inspiration and vision) in Aquarius giving the best geometry you could ask for, I’d say that you may not want to rest on your laurels but prove to that up close and personal naysayer that you deserve everything that Heaven allows. But, as always, pick up pace. The world can’t wait forever for your final answer.

Scorpio Horoscope (October 23 – November 21) With the 24-carat gold prognostications you got last month it’s now time to lay low and evaluate all that has been thrown on your side of the fence. Go through all the challenges and opportunities and see which are keepers and which ones you should turn down. Always remember that late January until later February you should never commit to anything but use this time to put all your commitments through a second round of vetting.

The one thing you can count on is when the Sun, Mercury, and Venus go into Pisces in March you can strike up the band and strut. Life is in session and you have a big part to play. Quiet on the set!

February Horoscopes

February Horoscopes – Monthly Horoscopes February 2009

Aquarius Horoscope (January 20 – February 17)

The roar you hear is not coming from the Super Bowl stadium but rather from all you quirky but spiritually-aligned Aquarian Water Bearers. Jupiter just moved into your Sun Sign for a year so make hay while the transit lasts. The Solar Eclipse New Moon on the 26th of January will do more than move the furniture around. New vistas—go for it! The only fly in the ointment for you eccentrics is Neptune in Aquarius which can confuse and confound a lot of you. Tread carefully and then let your voices be heard. This is your year so flaunt it!

February Horoscopes

Pisces Horoscope (February 18 – March 20)

If Saturn, known in astro-circles as the Cosmic Cop, is still bugging you as it opposes you for another year from the picky and critical sign of Virgo, thank God that Uranus is sitting on top of your head to shake you out of your unattractive qualities, like passive-aggressive behavior and playing victim. You Fish have joined a planetary conspiracy with Capricorn and Pluto transiting there for fifteen years: reconstruction of what is of value and a spiritual revolution to show us who we really are.

February Horoscopes 2009

December 22, 2008

January Horoscopes

January Horoscopes – Monthly Horoscopes December 2008 for January

Dec 9, 2008 Monthly HoroscopesJanuary Horoscopes – December 2008 for January Birthdays.

January Horoscopes for January 2009 are up now and they are here:

January Horoscopes

Capricorn Horoscope (December 21 – January 19) Your present this Holiday Season is the slow but steady pay-off for all your hard labors. Just because everyone else was chasing rainbows you were the Rainmaker. Now that Pluto is in your sign until 2023 you Goats will be the ones to show us how to make a dramatic comeback in all areas of out lives. Happy Holidays!

Aquarius Horoscope (January 20 – February 17) For you slightly off-center, thinkers ‘outside the box’ your gift this Christmas is the approaching blessings and bounty of Jupiter which will go into Aquarius on January 5th. Added to that will be the Solar Eclipse New Moon at 6 degrees of Aquarius on January 25th. Boys and Girls, 2009 is gonna be your year. Pop a coca-cola and celebrate!

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